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Liberty Wristband - Handsfree Leash Holder

Liberty Wristband

Liberty Wristband - Handsfree Leash Holder

$ 30.00

LIBERTY WRISTBAND® “JUST LET GO”  Have a safer, more comfortable, and completely stress-free experience when you walk your dog - because we know that is what walking your dog should be! 

LIBERTY WRISTBAND® eliminates all of the hand effort, energy, and attention required to hold onto any leash. The remarkable result?  You'll enjoy a comfortable, safe, and secure tether to your dog. Best of all, LIBERTY WRISTBAND® leaves you with a free hand to use your cell phone, carry packages, drink a beverage, or simply enjoy the freedom of not having to grasp a leash in your hands.  Perfect for people with limited mobility, in a wheelchair, or with arthritis or hand injuries.

We all know the best things in life are the simplest pleasures.  And we know the simplest innovations can make our lives safer, easier, and even more fun. Without a doubt, LIBERTY WRISTBAND® is one of those innovations.  Born from one dog owners passion to create a remarkably easy-to-use but effective device to simply make walking his rescue dog, Henry, a 100% stress-free pleasure, LIBERTY WRISTBAND® can do the same for you!

  • Maximum Control and Safety — While walking your dog, you want to have the maximum control possible. LIBERTY WRISTBAND® gives you this control in the simplest, most effective manner. You’ll experience the peace of mind in knowing that your dog will be safely fastened - unless you manually pull the spring-loaded, quick-release mechanism, which quickly and completely disengages you from your dog if necessary.
  • One-of-a-Kind Design — LIBERTY WRISTBAND® may be the simplest, most revolutionary device for dog owners since the invention of the dog leash itself.  Made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality materials, LIBERTY WRISTBAND® is weather-proof, built to last, comfortable to wear, and designed specifically for superior strength and holding power.
  • Freedom and Convenience — The patent-pending design of LIBERTY WRISTBAND® enables you to fasten it to any size dog leash, for any size dog. No matter what the size of your dog, you will be free of any concern from the “pull effect”,  free from having to hold on or hold tight,  free from feeling the need to wrap the leash around your wrist.
  • No More Hand Fatigue, No More Stress! And as an added bonus, LIBERTY WRISTBAND® gives you the opportunity to jog, shop, drink a beverage, or talk on a cell phone with a free hand - all while enjoying that special time of day when you walk your dog. 
  • Pet Business Magazine's 2015 Editor's Choice Award Winner, Featured in People Magazine, Bark Magazine, The Examiner and The Portland Press Herald.  BUY ONE NOW!

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