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Q:  Do you REALLY use human-grade, restaurant quality ingredients?

A:  Yes!  We get our fresh, all natural chicken breasts from a local restaurant supply store.  WHY?  Because it is the best quality available and we want what is best for you and your canine family member.

Q:  Do any of your ingredients come from China or other countries?

A:  NO!

Q:  What about other dog treats that claim to be all natural:

A:  We invite you to simply compare the ingredient labels of other dog treat products with ours.  Our products never contain ANY preservatives, additives, flavorings, fillers, grains.  Most of the others, even though they are labeled all natural, still contain preservatives, additives, flavorings and colors.

Q:  Do you ship to Mexico and Canada?  What about other countries?

A:  We do ship to both Mexico and Canada.  Please email us for shipping rates to other international destinations.

Q:  I have a product that my dog and I love that I would love to see here.

A:  GREAT!  Email us and let us know about it!

Q:  Can I pick up my order?

A:  If you know us and see us regularly, Yes!  You can even have us personally deliver your order if you know us personally and see us frequently.  Just make a notation in the shopping cart section.  If you wish to pick up an order < $50, email us and we will provide you with a special code to by-pass the shipping charges.