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The Health Benefits Of All Natural Food On Working Dogs

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The following is a guest post by Joe of Best Dog Crates and Beds. Follow Joe on Twitter @BDogCratesNBeds  Thanks Joe!

The Health Benefits Of All Natural Dog Food On Working Dogs

If you have a working dog, or are responsible for one, then you will want to ensure that they are receiving the best quality food so that they have the highest energy levels for the job that they do for you.

A working dog can be involved in herding and farming, hunting, search and rescue, law enforcement, freighting, sledding or any other kind of service. Maybe you have a competition or show dog where they need to show off how strong and energetic they are.

What Is Wrong With Supermarket Dog Food?

A lot of dog food that is available in supermarkets contains a lot of grains which are not really suitable for working dogs. Your working dog needs to eat high quality protein and fat from meats not grains. Proteins from meats are very digestible.

Dog food from the supermarket is easy and convenient but it is not what your working dog needs. We are healthier for eating foods that do not contain artificial ingredients and fillers and so is your dog. These are added to reduce cost to manufacture, to make the food taste better or prolong the shelf life but they will not provide the nutrients that a working dog needs.

Your Dog Needs The Right Levels Of Nutrition

Working dog food should provide the optimum amount of nutrition so that your dog will be healthier, stronger, leaner, more alert and faster. If you give your dog food that is low in nutrition then they will never perform as well as they should.

A scientist named Zanghi has performed advanced studies into dog nutrition and the performance that this subsequently delivers. He concluded that optimum nutrition and performance is achieved through a working dogs diet that provides the right balance of the necessary nutrients.

So how do you achieve the right levels of nutrition? Well your working dogs food should provide 30% protein, 20% fat and 50% carbohydrates. But this is not easy to find at local stores. The answer lies in providing your dog with natural food.

The high protein and fat ratios recommended have been tested on Labradors used for hunting and sled dogs. It was found that this combination provided optimal endurance together with sensory acuity being at optimum levels.

The protein is essential for tip top body condition and to develop leaner muscles. You may think that 20% fat is high, but remember that dogs are not humans and it has been proven that they perform better with this kind of fat intake.

Increased mitochondrial synthesis is achieved with this ratio of fat and protein and this leads to an increase in oxygen metabolism. It is important to remember not to feed your dog like a human and this is essential for working dogs.

All Natural Dog Diets

The best food for working dogs is all natural food. Natural diets will improve your dog’s health and although natural food is a bit more expensive than conventional food you will spend less money on visiting the vet.

Good natural dog food will provide all of the nutrients that your working dog needs as the ingredients are often times human grade and are not by products that the commercial companies believe are OK for dogs.

You will want to keep your working dog in the best possible condition and natural food will help with muscle tone and their general body condition. Proteins found in natural food are really important in this regard.

Each cell in your dog’s body has a protein make up and it is essential for their muscle development, their tissues and organs and their hair and skin. When your dog’s muscles are worked they get damaged and proteins help repair the damage and promote new cell growth.

When you are looking at buying natural food for your dog check the protein contents as the building and maintenance of strong muscles in your working dog depends on this. It is a good idea to provide healthy treats for your working dog and these all natural meat sticks are a good idea.

The Best Working Dog Food Contains More Calories And Nutrients

When you have a working dog you need to understand that they require a larger number of calories than normal dogs. The reason for this of course is that they are a lot more physically active.

They need additional protein, fat and carbohydrates and these need to contain nutrients that are absorbed by their bodies easily. A natural diet can provide this and a good starting point is animal based proteins like chicken that provide the correct levels of amino acids to synthesize hormones, repair any damaged tissues and build your dog’s muscles.

You need to check that the protein you are giving your dog is not of the vegetable variety because this can cause problems with an increase in body fat and the reduction of your dog’s muscle mass.

The fat intake that your dog needs can be obtained from natural fish or chicken. The fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 are vital for your dog’s health and will help to keep their skin and coats healthy. Your dog’s coat is very important as it provides protection from weather extremes as well as parasites.

The right types of carbohydrates are also important as these need to be absorbed by the digestive system of your dog efficiently to release energy quickly.

What To Avoid With Your Working Dog

However tempting it may be, you need to avoid giving your dog food from your table or too many treats. Commercial treats rarely have the right nutrients for your dog and can cause an imbalance with their diet. All natural beef heart jerky is a good treat to give your working dog.

Be careful when you feed your working dog and avoid feeding them just before or just after they have embarked in a strenuous activity session. If you do not heed this advice you could find that your dog develops digestive problems such as stomach pains and diarrhea.

If you want to increase or decrease the daily food intake of your working dog then make sure that you do this gradually over a period of 2 to 4 weeks and do not increase or decrease by more than 20%.

Exceeding this change limit will not allow your dog’s digestive system to cope properly and they may develop digestion problems from this. This also applies to the introduction of different foods and this should be a gradual thing too so that your dog does not experience any health problems.

This article was written and provided by Joe of Best Dog Crates and Beds. Best Dog Crates and Beds is a resource in dog training tips, advice, and dog product reviews. Follow them on Twitter @BDogCratesNBeds


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